Our awareness of the need for more stringent personal hygiene means that sanitizing stations are here to stay in public places, so it makes sense to ensure that yours work as hard for you as they do for your customers and staff.


Your sanitizer station is the first, and quite possibly the last, interaction your customer has with your brand, so you should ensure that it reinforces your brand message. And this free-standing, self-powered, touch-free dispenser does precisely that. Sleek and modern, well-built and well designed, it hits exactly the right note for a premium brand. What’s more, it can be fully customised for bespoke branding and can even be used to provide changing promotional messages throughout the year.


Handi sanitizer dispensers take the hassle out of Covid work-safe compliance by providing live stock level monitoring and in excess of 10,000 vends of our alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer between refills. And obviously this sanitizer is as premium quality as the dispenser itself, being antiviral as well as antibacterial, infused with nourishing ingredients to make the skin feel enriched, and provide 4 hours residual protection against pathogens.

Free standing sanitizer dispenser branded with Hyprsan
Free standing sanitizer dispenser branded with company logos

Handi totems may be used outside as well as in, on both hard and soft surfaces, and require no external power source or WiFi connection. Although theft-proof, they weigh less than 20 kilos and are easily transportable between locations. They are also available to purchase or on long term lease, making a top-quality solution affordable even for companies who have been hit hard by the pandemic.


For more information visit and quote HyprtoHandi to receive 10 litres of Hyprsan Hand Sanitizer free with your order.