Good hygiene is the most important single element in the fight against infection. So early in the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended thorough hand washing supported by the use of alcohol-based sanitizers.

Alcohol has long been known to kill germs. Producing a hand sanitizer based on alcohol is very easy, and the active ingredient is cheap and readily available, so it was the obvious recommendation for a worldwide solution and rightly so.

But alcohol is NOT the most efficient hand sanitizer for use in modern society because IT ONLY WORKS WHEN IT’S WET.

So, whilst it undoubtedly kills any germs on your hands quickly, as soon as it is dry it stops working. And as soon as you touch an infected surface you could have live germs on your hands again

That’s why medical staff and care workers have to wash and sanitize their hands between every single patient – dozens and dozens of times a day.

Hyprsan hand sanitizer does not contain alcohol. Nor does it contain quats, bleach, hydrogen peroxide or any other nasties that can irritate your skin. Yet no sanitizer is more effective in killing bacteria and viruses and it will continue to work long after it is dry – for up to four hours, in fact.

In other words, Hyprsan is a hand sanitzer that makes keeping safe very easy. And its non-sticky foaming formula is pleasant to use, leaving skin feeling nourished as well as germ-free.

Our experiences over the last couple of years have taught us the value of improved personal hygiene: common colds and stomach bugs are reduced and influenza has been virtually non-existent. So it makes sense to keep on sanitizing.

And keeping sanitized with Hyprsan will improve life no end.

Sesntive Skin 4 Hours Protection