Collectively we have built a number of businesses on the basis of some fundamental guidelines. At the heart of these is that the product must be best-in-class.


So when it became apparent that a virus was going to have a long-term impact on the way that we all live our lives, we set out to look for a product that could help smooth the path.


This product is now branded Hyprsan, and it had been five years and many millions of pounds in development before the world ever heard of Covid.


Of course, alongside the product we must have knowledge, so we also acquired a company that had built an incomparable reputation servicing hygiene needs in the work place.


And now we’re on a new journey. It’s completely different to our previous ventures but the values haven’t changed: we are client-centric, product-focused, and continually looking for ways to improve everything that we do.


And we have a new vision: to create safer sanitizers that are great to use. It’s simple; but it’s enough to keep us on track.


Long before a global pandemic saw the world being taught to wash hands and sanitize, disinfectants were big business. And, unfortunately, often a dirty one. Being heavily reliant on toxic ingredients they can cause enormous problems for the environment.


The scientists behind Hyprsan were driven by an ambition to create effective products without resorting to the use of these toxic chemicals – a simple vision but a quantum leap in disinfectant technology.


A leap that took five long years.


The result is a unique formulation that puts life and the environment first but with no compromise in efficacy.


In fact, the range has been clinically proven to perform better and protect longer, and to reduce the time and cost involved in staying safe. In short, it makes all-day, every day protection readily achievable.


And, whilst a global pandemic made disinfecting even bigger business, we’ve made it a cleaner one too.


Hyprsan also owns Unisan SRL, an Italian-based company specialising in hygiene in the workplace. In just 10 years Unisan earned an enviable reputation for exceptional customer service backed by a superior portfolio that exhibits a tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge.


Clearly, the food and drink industries have long been extra vigilant when it comes to incorporating the safest, most hygienic working practices, and Unisan are delighted to number Barilla, Campari, Granarolo, Heinz, Martini & Rossi, Princes and Nestlé amongst our customers. Chemical industries must be equally uncompromising in their quest for best practices, and here we deal with Brenntag, Pfizer and Unilever. Whilst Sandvik, Lear, Beretta and International Paper are just a few of the other multi-billion pound household names in our customer base.


“We recognize the ability of Unisan to quickly meet our most special requirements ….your willingness has been shown multiple times to make alterations on instruments down to the minimal customization. This allows us to ensure the highest levels of security for our staff and customers.


Food hygiene is evolving with the utmost attention not only regarding the well known foreign objects and microbiological contamination, but especially in the field of “free”; for the increasingly common food allergies and related certifications.The wide range of products that Unisan offers allows us to cover all these needs of compliance,” Senior Manager, Nestlé Italiana S.p.A.